Sertaç Ata Güler1, Gökhan Pösteki1, Tonguç Utku Yılmaz1, Yeşim Gürbüz2, Zeynep Cantürk3, Nuh Zafer Cantürk1

Keywords: Endocrine malignity, parathyroid carcinoma, surgical resection


Parathyroid carcinoma is a rarely seen endocrine malignity. Parathyroid carcinoma is presented by calcium metabolism disorders as hypercalcemic crisis, peptic ulcus, bone pathologies, and renal calcinosis. The treatment of the parathyroid carcinoma is surgical resection. Total excition of the parathyroid carcinoma is sufficient for the treatment. Seeing that parathyroid carcinomas are rarely seen and not easily recognized preoperatively, optimal treatment may not be possible for most cases. At our case study, a patient with rarely seen parathyroid carcinoma is presented.