Semire Serin EZER

Başkent Üniversitesi Adana Dr. Turgut Noyan Uygulama ve Araştırma Merkezi, Çocuk Cerrahisi Kliniği, ADANA

Keywords: Primary hyperparathyroidism, parathyroid


Thyroidal abscess is unusual clinical chart for all ages. It is known that thyroidal vascular network keep the gland resistance for infections. The diagnosis can be delayed ea­ sily. Patients can present with morbid complications such as respiratory insufficiency due to tracheal compression. We aimed to present the treatment management and the im­ portance of history in a 9­year­old male patient with thyroid abscess who admitted to our clinic 15 days after the tooth extraction. Patient was admitted with fever, dyspnea, cervical tenderness and swelling with high level of CRP and leukocytosis. Thyroid hormone studies were in normal limits. He had been treated with diagnosis of thyroiditis since 7 days in the other center with no impro­ vement. Following detection of the abscess in the posterior aspect of the left thyroid lobe, a percutaneous drainage cat­ heter was placed for drainage. Symptoms were resolved following antibiotherapy and drainage. Anaerobe cultural study revealed F group streptococcus. Patient was dischar­ ged home 7 days later following uneventful treatment co­ urse until further control. Thyroidal abscess is rare but should be kept in mind following upper respiratory infec­ tion and teeth problems in childhood.