Mehmet Erikoğlu1, Bayram Çolak1, Mustafa Sait Gönen2, Mustafa Kulaksızoğlu2

Keywords: parathyroid, carcinom, primary hyperparathyroidism


Parathyroid carcinoma is one of the extremely rare causes of primary hyperparathyroidism. These tumors account for 0.4-1% of all cases of primary hyperparathyroidism. A 64-year-old female patient admitted to our clinic with primary hyperparathyroidism for the operation. Clinical examination revealed a right parathyroid mass towards intra thorasic region. After parathyroidectomy, the pathological investigation revealed parathyroid carcinoma. Rigth thyroid lobectomy and santral neck dissction were performed and the patient was discharged uneventful.